Alternative Reading Center - Specializing in Developmental Disorders & Learning Disabilities
Description of Services

The ARC is a learning center specializing in unique learners preschool through adult. Reading services are rendered by a Doctor of education whose areas of expertise include (1) curriculum and instruction and (2) learning disabilities and developmental disorders. The ARC’s teaching method of choice is instruction based upon individual reading goals while working concurrently on interdependent math and science projects. Alternative methods, with a focus on motivation and one-on-one instruction, help enable students achieve academic success and college degrees.
Initial Consultation
The initial consultation provides an opportunity for an in-depth discussion of all issues pertaining to levels of performance and learning. Whether those issues pertain to struggles with learning; learning disabilities; developmental disorders such as ADHD, autism, Prader-Willi syndrome, Down’s syndrome; other disorder; or English as a second language, a pre-discussion will help identify specific needs.
Skill-Based Assessment and Post Conference
The skill-based assessment will consist of exploring gaps in levels of performance and academic achievement. Analysis of assessment findings will determine the learning goals to close those gaps. The learning goals and lesson objectives will be discussed during the post conference.
On Site Instructional Services
Students receive instruction through 1-hour one-on-one sessions or 2-1/2 hour sessions per week with a focus on motivation and self-esteem. All lessons are based upon the student’s individual strengths and learning styles.
Creative Online Instructional Modules
Online services begin on site with a pre-consultation, assessment, and post consultation. The syllabus and lesson plan will be given at the post consultation. If the student is a minor, the parent or guardian will give instruction to the student at home with 24/7 asynchronized online communication access to ask questions and receive advice regarding any issues that may arise. Home study should consist of one 15-minute session daily 5 days per week for minors. Adult students study at their own pace. All instruction consists of creative learning activities based upon student likes and strengths. The 1-month modular courses include 1 on site visit/month for ongoing assessment and evaluation of the student.